Our Portfolio

Below are just a few of the more recent websites LWW has build for our customers.  The example websites we are showing are generally sites that have been designed so the customer is able to make changes to their sites.

For ongoing search engine optimization, we work with the customer so we are able to update the site regularly with new content, often with articles that are written by the customer (they know their businesses better than we do).


This site we completely redesigned for this client, with an effort to shore up their performance in search engines.  The client was getting very little business from their website prior to LWW taking on the project.  They are now getting a much larger volume of inquiries from people finding their website.  LWW is providing ongoing SEO service to this customer to continue to improve their rankings.

Hacienda del Lago is a treatment centre for drug and alcohol addiction.  They are located in Villa Nova, just west of Ajijic.

Hacienda del Lago
Continental Ajijic


This is a site we developed for a real-estate provider located in downtown Ajijic here in Mexico.  With some training from our staff, the client is now able to maintain the property listings, change status (for sale, for rent, sale pending, sold, etc.), add and remove listings, and so on.  The client now has one of the best looking and performing real-estate websites in the area.


This site has been developed for an educational charity called NCA (Los Niños de Chapala y Ajijic).  NCA connects sponsors with local children who excel in their studies, but due to their family’s financial status, cannot afford to keep their kids in school.  With sponsorship, these kids are able to stay in school, often all the way through to university.  NCA was founded in 1977, and is one of the areas oldest operating charities.  NCA currently has about 200 children sponsored.

Chapala Bed and Breakfast


Chapala B and B is the website for Quinta Quetzalcoatl, Inn of the Plumed Serpent,  a Bed and Breakfast located in downtown Chapala.  The Inn features spectacular grounds, and 11 suites and casitas (small distinct houses) on its grounds.  Included among these is the D.H. Lawrence suite, where the author penned the novel The Plumed Serpent.  If ever you choose to visit the Chapala area, a stay at QQ is highly recommended!


Ajijic Rentals and Management provide property management service along with rentals management for houses in the greater Chapala area.  This site has also been built in a content management framework, allowing the customer to add, update and delete properties for rent on their website.

Ajijic Rentals and Management