Domain Name Registration

Key to the success of your website is getting the right domain name.  You want the domain name you choose to describe/reflect your business activity, to be as short as possible, and to be memorable.  If the domain name can match the actual name of your business, even better.

Register4Less of course provides registration for the traditional .com, .net, and .org domains and for country code domains like .us, .uk, .mx & .ca.  They also support the new descriptive extensions like .website, .boutique, .guru, .house and more.  There are hundreds of new descriptive extensions supported.

Lakeside Web Works has partnered with ICANN accredited registrar for all domain registration needs.  Registration costs with start at $15.95/year (the new descriptive extensions are generally more expensive), and include:

  • Whois Privacy.  Other registrars charge up to $12/year extra for this service
  • Patented Login Security Agent.  This service provides active account monitoring, and is the ultimate in account security.
  • 10MB of space for web hosting at no additional cost.  Usually though we do not use the free web hosting, as the projects we do need more space and features, so we opt for one of their advanced hosting packages.  More info on that on this page.
  • Custom DNS hosting.
  • Outstanding Customer Support provided by email, toll-free phone, and online chat.